Prairie County Government

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PO Box 7
Terry, MT 59349
Phone: (406) 635-4433
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The Prairie County Weed District provides landowners with assistance in controlling noxious weeds on rangeland. The long term goal of the Prairie County Weed District is to achieve a level of noxious weed control where threats of noxious weeds and their spread are diminished, and a level at which all individual landowners control their weeds on an individual basis.


      • Weed coordinator – Travis Lacquement
      • Seasonal Weed Technician – Ken Lacquement


Weed Board Members:

  • Harold Gaub, Chairman
  • Brian Morast
  • Lon Reukauf
  • Sharla Sackman, Secretary


Cost-Share Program
The Prairie County Weed Board offers a cost share of up to $500 per individual for those producers who are actively involved in controlling priority noxious weeds on their rangeland. Weeds eligible for cost-share control are: leafy spurge, Russian knapweed, spotted knapweed, diffuse knapweed, Canada thistle, whitetop, St. Johnswort, dyers woad, common crupina, sulfur cinquefoil, yellow starthistle, Dalmatian toadflax, and rush skeletonweed.

If a producer hires the county weed crew to spray noxious weeds, the Weed Board will share 35% of the total spray bill.

For those producers who do their own noxious weed spraying, the cost-share is 60% of the chemical cost. The producer must keep the chemical receipt and fill out a ‘Request for Cost Share’ form available from the Prairie County Extension Office.